I never wanted church


Every Sunday that I sit in the pew or kneel at the alter or read scriptures is always a bit of a surprise to me. For ten years, I thought I was through with religion forever. I've written about my family's journey back to church and my journey back to religion.

Last week, I shared part of that journey on my dear friend Erin's blog Irrerevin. Erin asked me to share what brought us back to church and if I could share any advice for churches hoping to attract young families. 

From the post:

Now, church is not just a place we go but a community to which we belong.
I realize that we are the young family so many churches are hungry to attract – involved members of the community with time and resources to dedicate to the church. I’ve had clergy from other churches ask me what brought us back to the fold and I can sense an interest beyond my personal story.
I wish I had an answer for them.

Read the entire post at Irrerevin and let me know your feelings on church.